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Beer on Tap

New Belgium Fat Tire Ale

A unique amber ale, this Belgian-style brew blendsĀ  English floral hops with a subtle malty sweetness. Finishes with sweet notes of spice and fruit…deliciously smooth and drinkable! 5.2% ABV

C.H. Evans Kick-Ass Brown

An award winning American-style brown ale produced locally in Albany, NY, this brew is packed with a full malt flavor and substantial American and European hop character! 5.6% ABV

Sam Adams Rebel I.P.A.

A West Coast style I.P.A. that’s not just about bitterness, but about all the complex aromatics and flavors of the hops! Rebel has an intense tropical citrus flavor, supported by a lean body and clean, crisp finish. 6.5%ABV

C.H. Evans Hefeweizen

A light, Bavarian-style wheat beer, this Hefeweizen packs a delightful banana aroma, and finishes with a hint of clove. Extremely smooth and drinkable! 5.7% ABV

Coors Light

An American classic! Coors Light is always light and refreshing, with subtle notes of apple and banana. A pleasant bitterness works its way through the beer’s sweetness for great balance and drinkability. 4.2% ABV